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WingedK9 - I think pictures would be required before any of us (or at least me) would commit ourselves to anything.

Aihoshi - It doesn't damage your breasts, and if it hurts, your binding is too tight.

GoPlayer - It's not going to hurt your breasts either way, so whatever looks best for you. (Though I've found you get a flatter look angling them down.)
L, Death Note (100%) [premiered at Oni-Con '08]

In the works:

Kaoru, Ouran High School Host Club (98%) [premiered at Oni-Con '08]
Steampunk Costume, clothes (35%), equipment/props (45%) [most likely to premiere at Steam-Con San Antonio '09]

"I manned up and ate those damn wasabi balls!" "...You manned up and cried too."
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