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Originally Posted by Jacaranda View Post
Trying this again since my last post got ignored. D:

Height: 5'3-ish
Eyes: brown (POSSIBLY open to contacts; not sure though)
Hair: waist-length, dark/medium brown with golden brown sun streaks (I'm open to wigs)
Weight: fluctuates, though it's always in the general the 100 lbs area.
Sewing abilities: ... beginner/intermediate? I can follow a pattern and make alterations to it
Other: Crossplays are fine. Skimpy outfits are not.


[1] - Wearing minor eye makeup; the pic is at least a year old, but I haven't changed much since then. o_o;
[2] - Wearing a wig, no makeup whatsoever. This picture is more recent; this week, to be exact.

You look like you could pull off almost any Final Fantasy girl. Like Yuffie or Tifa from VII or Rikku from X-2 but I suppose that one is a bit revealing.
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