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That was awkward.
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Originally Posted by Jacaranda View Post
Trying this again since my last post got ignored. D:

Height: 5'3-ish
Eyes: brown (POSSIBLY open to contacts; not sure though)
Hair: waist-length, dark/medium brown with golden brown sun streaks (I'm open to wigs)
Weight: fluctuates, though it's always in the general the 100 lbs area.
Sewing abilities: ... beginner/intermediate? I can follow a pattern and make alterations to it
Other: Crossplays are fine. Skimpy outfits are not.


[1] - Wearing minor eye makeup; the pic is at least a year old, but I haven't changed much since then. o_o;
[2] - Wearing a wig, no makeup whatsoever. This picture is more recent; this week, to be exact.
For some reason, I find it really tough to decide. XD;

Hmmm... you could try Kokoro's kimono outfit from Dead or Alive, and adjust the design to take the slit out if you're against showing that much leg... bah.

Other than that, there's always Rinoa or AC Tifa.

((EDIT: I agree with above, you could probably pull off pretty much any final fantasy girl. 8D))

I posted my description and pictures a page ago, if anyone has any suggestions! (:
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