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That was awkward.
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Originally Posted by Jacaranda View Post
... you cosplayed as Gambino. YOU RULE.

*cough* Anyway, when you said curvy, the first thing that came to mind was Matsumoto Rangiku from Bleach, if you don't mind showing a little... er... cleavage. xD

A wig is required for this next one, but I also think you might be able to pull off Ichihara Yuuko of xxxholic. There are are a lot of wardrobe options for Yuuko, too; seeing her in the same outfit twice is extremely rare. xD I just linked to two (of the many) below:
[1] [2]

Final Fantasy, hm? Rinoa is a little tempting; I've seen a Rinoa duster/warmer set for sale that looks lovely. <3
Thank you! I was like a freaking celebrity in that cosplay at AX... XD My G Buckle and bracelets completely deteriorated and fell to pieces after dancing at the gathering/the flight home, though (they were made out of paper mache, lulz), so I was considering retiring the cosplay... but people keep talking about it... >_> And it is pretty close to my heart. Soooo I might just post a wanted thread here on the Marketplace and see if I can't get some new ones made at a reasonable price.

... ANYWAY. I've been seriously considering doing a Rangiku cosplay for quite some time, actually. I'm just a leeetle hesitant because of the lechery that may occur do to the cleavage... I'll probably end up doing it eventually, after I've gained enough self-confidence to kick those lecher's asses. I also don't really know when I'm going to go back to blonde hair (and I'd really rather not wear a wig for her -- for some reason, Rangikus with wigs always look hella cheap to me), so until those few factors align, I'll put it on hold.

Yuuko is certainly an interesting option, though. I just recently started reading the xxxHolic manga. Is any outfit of hers particularly well known? Or at least, known enough to be recognized?
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