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I bought Lavi..literally!
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Originally Posted by TenshiNoReyire View Post
I dunno why no one ever mentions this .. I'll probably post pictures sometime. But my brother bought a compression shirt (like under-armor) for baseball and I had it tucked away in a drawer. So a few weeks before AnimeNEXT I found his compression shirt. I cut off the sleeves and put it on and got my DD chest (I think it's that big -_-; ... ) to like at least an A. And with the proper baggy shirt or so, it looks flat enough to be male.

I bought a new compression shirt a little while ago because my old one was blue and this one is white. I bought for $11 dollars in the male section at Wal-Mart. It's not expensive and it's an easy solution. And comfortable. It sorta hurts my back when I have to wear it for days in a row but it doesn't try to squeeze the life out of you like most bindings. I can post photos of the shirt if anyone wants an example of what I mean. It really is a new and effective way that helps.

Hasn't anyone else tried this???
yay this gives me hope for my Riku crossplay, I was gonna go with a sports bra and possible tape or ace bandage, but i will try looking around now for a compression shirt.. the only time being a DD came in handy was for Tsunade!
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