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Supernatural cosplays?

I'm talking about the show on the CW, not random generic werewolves, vampires, elves, etc.

I've seen a few here and it inspired me to get my butt working on my Lilith costume. I love the creepy lil' demon and I want to do her costume before she's killed off; which means I want to premiere her at a con sometime before S4 ends, since I'm sure she'll be dead by the end of this season.

Anyway, how noticeable would a Lilith be to SPN fans? The damn demon changes hosts so many times, it's hard to choose a costume. But I decided to go with her most distinguishable, the dress with the blood on it from No Rest For the Wicked;

Along with the blood on the hands. Since I have a wig that I could easily add a barrette to and matt it/wave it up a bit, I may just do this for Halloween and for a small convention coming around my town at the end of September once I get my hand on some fake blood.

As far as I know, there isn't really trustworthy contacts that are all white that won't blind you, but if there are and somebody can direct me to them for a cheap price, I'd appreciate it. I was also thinking about doing her once she takes over in Ruby's host in the finale, but if people even recognized it, it would be confused easily unless I found some all white contacts.

Anyone else thinking about doing a Supernatural cosplay? If not, input on the Lilith idea?
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