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@ Rukeya:
Those are all really good points. I guess I was hoping if there were Supernatural fans around, they'd recognize the costume and all - since it seems to be one of her more 'major' ones since the finale isn't really easily forgotten. But that's also why I wanted to try and find all white contacts (no luck so far online for a decent price), I figured that might make it easier even if somebody would have to get into a close range to tell.
You're also right about it being harder to dress up as a character from an actual show if you don't look similar to them, I had those doubts at first with Lilith (so the comment about me being able to pull off the child like features was a big relief, thanks ) but then you see all the Dark Knight Jokers and Harry Potter characters that sometimes don't look very similar to the actors, but it's still a fun thing to do. Let me know if you ever decide to go for it!

@Bassringer: Meg would be bad-arse. (; We could wreck demon-havoc.. that is, of course, assuming you lived anywhere near me and we went to any of the same cons, which I doubt both with my luck.
But still, Meg's an awesome character, she's one of my favorite demons.

*EDIT* I found contacts at a Halloween contacts store, do these look good for Lilith's eyes?
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