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All from the New Look brand ^^

Maxine in 27 [Strawberry Blonde]:
This was the first good wig I ever bought, and so I took it to a hairdresser's since I didn't feel confident enough to mess with it. You can see it received a massive cut ^^u (apart from some minor styling later). But I love it <3


Roni in 8 [Medium Brown]:
Bought for my boyfriend's Syaoran costume. Cut a little bit to make it look less 'formal' and styled :3


Alicia + 2 Clip-on L in 130 [Red Auburn]:
Just made two very low ponytails and concealed them below the clip-ons, no more styling was needed at all (I'll probably trim the bangs a little bit next time I wear it since sometimes I can't see XD). The amount of red in this one seems to vary depending on each photo, as you can see ^^u


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