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Good to know then, thanks. I made an appointment with my optometrist for next Tuesday just incase, so good to know I actually do need that appointment.

Hm, Anime Boston's pretty big (and getting bigger each year), and that's really the only one I go to. However, come '09 I'll have my lisence, so I'd be willing to travel out somewhere, too. As long as my friends are up for it, seeing as how those contacts apparently impair your vision, I don't really want to run into walls because of being by myself. aha.

I just realized you're in Canada, that's probably a bit too far for me to be willing to go for a convention. Nevermind. (;

**EDIT** - The first progress pictures of Lilith will be up either October 1st or 2nd, since that's when I'll be getting my wig back from a friend to work on it all together.
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