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Name of Merchant: lotahk
Item purchased: Bridget from Guilty Gear
Links to picture(s) of your received item: I don't have any pictures of it now, but will soon
Timeline: Sep 5th - Sep 22nd
Describe your Experience: I wanted to get a Bridget costume, and there's not many sellers on ebay who make them. So I looked around and finally decided upon lotahk. It was also relatively cheap for an ebay costume with a total of $87.99, including shipping! I needed it by October 21st, and it came nearly a month EARLY!! Whoo!!
Pros: It's well-made and feels really comfortable when worn. I asked for it before 10/21, ordered it on 9/05 and got it on 9/22!! They also speak English better than some of the other Chinese sellers. I recommend them!
Cons: The habit looks a little... off when worn and that it was hard to fit my head through the dress. (Note, this is not bad on my part, because a neck measurement wasn't asked for). And the little button that holds together the white neck part was really hard to fit through the loop, so I had to cut it a little. But other than those tiny things, it's great
Comments: Nothing else I can think of here
Final Grade: A- (just for the little costume details that were kinda funky)
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