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Bur Loire: There are two cons in SC that i know of now.
Nashicon is put on by the USC anime club. This year was their first year and i think it was REALLY fun for a small event. It's a one day con, runs from about 10 am - 7 pm.

Xcon is a first year comic/anime con in Myrtle Beach running for two days. It seems pretty interesting, but we'll see when it actually happens. I'll make sure to tell everyone in this thread how it went so prehaps you can plan to go next year or something

And i SECOND the anime/cosplay meetup in Columbia! I would start one myself in the city if i lived nearer to it. Prehaps i can work distantly with someone that lives there to make it happen. haha. I would definently be interested in traveling to one though. Some photographers [like Mab who does travel sometimes to SC for photoshoots] could even be invited and stuff. Wow, i want to plan one now. LOL
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