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Originally Posted by Bur Loire View Post
There are a TON of cosplayers at the College of Charleston, if you went to AWA you would have seen them as the FF Tactics group and a few of them did Guilty Gear cosplaaaaaaaaaay!

Omg. And next year they are joining my EPIC FFXII group!!!
WOOOOOOO! *faints*

I'm not sure when but I'm gonna be journeying down to Charleston eventually to help them get started on their FFXII armor. =D We could always meet up downtown Charleston and we could all get aqquainted! ^O^ (It'll probably be sometime in December <333)
okay okay! I didn't know, I just started this whole cosplay thing (so yeah, I didn't go to AWA). I live close to downtown too, so if you all do get together, keep me in mind!
Thanks for enlightening me
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