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Linda XXL in #6, Brown
No length was cut, and extensions were only required for the cylindrical bun. The photos were taken under a roof, so the photo on the right shows the color best. It's a beautiful chocolate brown =).

Godiva 951 XL in #613A, "Platinum Blonde"
Minimal length was cut. It's a thick wig that surprisingly didn't tangle that much, even through a dyeing process, provided it was stored properly. I've attached a photo of the original color. The color is a very light blonde, but it is still distinctly blonde, especially in a large volume of fiber like this wig, and should not be used as a substitution for white unless you really do want those blonde tones.

Punky in #613, "Golden Yellow Blonde"
1-2 inches were trimmed all around the top area, and of course much more in the back.

Angela 750 in #130, "Red Auburn"

Punky in #30, "Auburn"
A pack of extensions added for the larger spike, though the thickness and poofiness of the Punky was still very helpful for styling.

Angela 750 in #1B, "Off-black"
Pretty much looks black unless you put the wig next to a true black, and you might notice a difference.
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