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Shit yeah it's in Feb. FEB 13, TYBALT-DAY, MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDERS. I'm bringing a Hollow Pinata (or kishin, depending on what the mood strikes me). GO SELF-PROMOTION.

Oh Bur, I have no idea if I'm going to Neko yet, so I'd say not to put down for anything :x. If I do go, it'll probably be decided by late Oct, and I'd need to head back down early on Sunday for school the next day anyways, so it's probably best to go by myself from around here. For Katsu though, that's a different story. I'm sooo skipping class (save for one scary class that I can't miss for a con) on Friday and Monday that weekend.

ALSO. Remember how we cosplay from the same, like, 5209359253 serieses, Bur? Yeah well, put me down as Beat from TWEWY, with a Rhyme and all that yo -chainnecklaceskateboard-.
Ichiban-Katsu, aw ya winter cons

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