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I'm a bit biased, but IMO if you're nuts about making costumes it's the BEST CON EVAR.

It's all costumes, all the time. Some features:

- multiple masquerades (regular sci-fi/fantasy/everything else masquerade, historical masquerade, single pattern competition, fashion design runway show and competition)
- awesome themed parties every night
- almost everyone is in fantastic costumes 24/7
- tons of really interesting panels and workshops (this past year included lacemaking, hatmaking, electronics for costumes, leatherworking, movable wings, Chinese Opera costumes, sari-wearing, Elizabethan costume, and lots more).

There's also various tours before and after the con (usually Thursday and/or Monday/Tuesday), to local attractions and fabric stores.

CC is seriously my favourite convention. Everybody is so fun and friendly and very welcoming to new faces. It's fairly small, so there's a real community feel, and it's fairly low-key and relaxing despite everybody rushing to get their costumes done for the various masquerades. XD
Thank you very much! That definitely will help us decide! And can you wear any costume at this con? Or is it specific styles?
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