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Name of Commissioner: Didn't exactly get a name. Just the email
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series: An @home cafe maid costume
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item::
One mannequin thing
(...please excuse the background mess. The computer room is also the baby's room and she was playing.)
On me (back)
(please also excuse my face lol I don't know what I was doing there. This is my best pic of the front)
There was also a headdress which somehow didn't make it in the picture...

Timeline: I paid the $85 for the costume on Sept 18. Sent $25 for shipping last Saturday (Oct 4) Got it Tuesday (Oct 7)
Pros: It's so cute and exactly what I wanted! This was my DREAM costume and I finally have it! It got here very fast and it was finished quickly and the price was what I was happiest about!
They also agreed to let me pay shipping after the costume was done since I couldn't pay it all at once.
Cons: Nothing really. The buttons are a bit smaller than the original but they're not too much smaller. Not a huge problem
They have an ebay store but they also do custom commissions.
I originally wanted a petticoat with it, but the skirt was made in a way so that I wouldn't need it.
I posted up an ad and sent out requests for quotes. The highest quote I got was $180.
So then, I got an offer for just $85 for the same costume made with the same material so of course I thought I should go for it!
At first I wasn't sure and wanted to find a more known commissioner I didn't have the money for it so I took a risk with this one.
It turned out so much better than I thought and I will buy from this commissioner again!!
Final Grade: A
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