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Sorry in advance for such a long post! I've got 3 ^ ^;

Name of Commissioner: Southern Moon Creations
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Sailor Saturn (Accessories)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (original Saturn Brooch), (earrings, wand), (tiara, brooch 2)
Timeline: 2 months (see cons/comments)
Pros: Good communication, good prices.
Cons: Quality of the product leaves a little to be desired. Her earrings are simply BEAUTIFUL, but I know from past experiences that her brooches are not secured properly, and I had to use super glue every night of the con I was attending to reattach it to the brooch. Her tiara came with a stretchy plastic ties, that refuse to stay tied to each other. Also, when I received the box, the Henshin wand had broken during shipping in two places, and needed to be repaired.
Comments: When I first commissioned her (in August) I received no communication from her until October, when I emailed her and asked her where my order was. She said that if I hadnít received it, that it had probably gotten lost in the mail. She sent me a new package, with the Heart Brooch and second pair of earring free of charge for the mishap.
Final Grade: B

Name of Merchant: superchinaseller
Item purchased: Sailor Saturn Original Costume
Links to picture(s) of your received item: (gloves), (costume)
Timeline: 3 weeks. It took 1 week for the payment to clear, and then I received the item 2 weeks after that.
Pros: Fast response, good communication, fast shipping, costume in great condition.
Cons: The wings were a bit too big for my taste, and the gloves were to short so I had to redo them.
Comments: I would definitely commission them again.
Final Grade: A+

Name of Commissioner: Mallory R. Evans/Moon Prism
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Saturnís Glaive (prop)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (tip of glaive), (connecting part of glaive/staff), (bottom flare), (bottom flare 2)
Timeline: Around 1 month (to receive original)
Pros: Good Communication, friendly
Cons: Arrived broken in mail, too tall, too unstable, bottom looks like it was put together halfheartedly, chipped, no return policy, see comments.
Comments: When I first commissioned Mallory, she was very friendly and seemed to honestly want to get me my item in time for my convention. Nearly 3 weeks later, when I opened my package, I was extremely disappointed to find that the item had been damaged in the mail (the top had been chipped, and the grout had been busted off), and that the parts that were not damaged in the mail had been poorly made. Also, when I looked on the website, the glaive that was shown was connected by a screw, while this one was being connected by a small plastic piece. When I communicated her about the damage, she said no problem, she would begin making me a new glaive, and for me to go to the post office to collect the insurance money. As for the stability issue, she said that it was stable enough when she first sent it, and that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. Well when I went to the post office they told me 1) I needed a bunch of insurance papers filled out, and 2) That she would have to make the claim. Long story short, she ended up going back and forth with HER post office, and finally filled out the insurance, but she checked that the money would go to her. I was extremely upset because even before the post office had broken the glaive, it was EXTREMELY unstable, and the bottom part was coming apart (in the pictures you can see the bottom flare is COMPLETELY uneven, and thereís even a picture where you can see the unpainted wood at the bottom from the flare coming undone) and the glaive itself was to small, while the staff was way to long. I talked to her, asking her if I could send her the old glaive in exchange for a new one (since I couldnít use it even if the post office hadnít broken it), and she told me that I legally had no claim to have a new fixed glaive AND the money, even after I offered to pay for both shipping the original glaive to her, and shipping on the second glaive to me. I asked her about her return policy and she said she ďhas a return policy, so long as itís reasonableĒ, but itís not posted anywhere on her website. So in the end I had to keep the messed up glaive, and I didnít get the insurance money either, because if I went to the post office and filed the forms, the money would have went to her, and it would have taken way to long to redo the claim to give me the money.
Final Grade: D. She is an excellent person to talk to, but she is a bad businesswomen. Michigan Law (which covers internet purchases) states that you may return or exchange an item within the first 30 days of the purchase. She refused to acknowledge this, telling me I was trying performing an act of insurance fraud. I would not recommend commissioning her for large items, stick to her tiaras and other small cosplay props.
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