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Hope itís okay if I add some questions here. :-) Iím excited that Costume Con is finally close enough for me to attend next year but since Iíve never been to one before, I was wondering about how some things work.

One of the things I'm curious about is how scheduling is for the con. When do events usually start happening on the first day and end on the last day? Iím trying to decide if I should arrive a day in advance and/or stay until Monday.

Also, Iíve looked over the masquerade rules and was wondering about the divisions. I think I remember once reading in a thread somewhere on that contests at anime cons are considered regional. And that divisions there are independent of divisions at Costume Con and World Con masquerades, which are considered international, so you can start again at novice. Is that correct?

Iíve won a lot of craftsmanship awards (mostly from hall contests for craftsmanship only rather than masquerades) and compete at Masters/Craftsman level at anime cons. But having seen some photos from this yearís Costume Con, I highly doubt Iím ready for that level at Costume Con, especially if I wanted to try the Historical Masquerade. ^_^; Thereís still a lot of things I havenít tried yet (for example, I still havenít attempted a corset or hoopskirt although Iím planning a costume with those for next year).
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