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Oh man! It'll be great to see you in Baltimore, LadyoftheThread!

I've only been to one so I can only speak to that one...programming started mid-late afternoon Friday and there was not a ton of programming on Monday, but there were field trips to local costume/sewing related tours on Monday. But considering that Sat and Sun are FULL DAYS, it's always worth it to try to make it for the whole thing. And then there's the Friday Night Social.

As far as skill divisions? Email the director. Easiest way to clear it up, just in case each director has a slightly different take on how to weight your awards. They'll probably be happy to encourage you to compete up a level since that's always legal to do, but I was in the same boat as you last time I asked - I didn't WANT to be in Master yet, I was just verifying that I was Journeyman. I know I can compete in Master if I really wanted to, but I don't want to! Not yet!
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