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Originally Posted by Leadmill View Post
Name of Commissioner: Velvet Eden / Chibi-Kun on here


Character commissioned: Randel Orland (Pumpkin Scissors)

Links to picture(s): Hard to link to something I never recieved

Timeline: Over 6 months..

Describe your Experience: I was approached by Velvet Eden in relation to offering to commission Randels jacket and coat. We agreed a price and the communication was good. Until I sent the $130 deposit and then they all went quiet. Repeated emails were sent with intermittent replies normally along the lines of "Oh we are still working on it". They ignored my requests for photo's which was one of the conditions to me accepting them as commissioners.

I only seemed to get any response when I PM'd her on this website. Well time dragged on and they missed one deadline, promised to meet the next and lo and behold missed that too. Then recieved an email saying that she was no longer working for the company she had allegedly been commissioning for and I should take it up with them. The email address she gave was fake and so I just have had to write the money off.

Pros: Non

Cons: They are con artists and theives. Awful communication and horrible customer service.

Comments: Avoid like the plague!

Final Grade: F


Name of Commissioner: The Hag / Lani@thecosplaybrigade

Website: N/A

Character commissioned: Patch (2) (Pumpkin Scissors)

Links to picture(s):

: 1 month

Describe your Experience: Approached Lani on recommendation from a number of friends she was polite, business like and an excellent choice.

Pros: Patch was accurate and spot on, excellent price!

: Non of note

Comments: Would and going to use again! Brilliant service!

Final Grade
: A+
ummm... i only do lolita hat's i think your referring to the wrong commissioner. I only have been in contact with others about Lolita hat's and i have never even heard of chibi -kun O_o i really don't want my great feedback to be affected by this but that really wasn't me. unless some one is using my name. T_T im hardly ever on here anymore ppl email me.

okay i figured out what is the problem here. i visited the link in your post that isnt my site. this is my site...

my email is
Velvet eden is just my username on here it's a J-rock band name. O_O i know this is weird but you really have me confused for someone else.
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