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So, any Princess Tutu cosplayers?

What the title says - does anyone else do cosplay from the anime Princess Tutu, or is anyone else considering it?

And if you just plain haven't seen the series, for shame. ;3 Don't let the insanely girly title fool you - it's one of the most beautiful, irresistable shows I've seen.

I personally would love to cosplay as Autor at some point. First, I adore the boys' dance school uniforms. X_X Second, and more importantly, I'm suddenly crazy about Autor. Not in a fangirly way - I feel ridiculously connected to him. It doesn't hurt that it'd be a cosplay I wouldn't have to go half-blind for. I'm a glasses-wearer.

I considered Kraehe at some point, but nah, Autor is definitely my first choice. I don't have the build, complexion, eyes, or anything to be Kraehe, and her dress looks hard to keep on. XD
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