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As for the whole keeping-the-dress-on train of thought, good luck. XD And not Mytho, Autor is Autor. The boy with the spectacles.

It really is great seeing there are more of us. I used to be hooked on it before I was in high school, and I very recently got way back into it. I mention it here and there on other sites, and every time I see someone who responds to the mention I feel so delighted. X3

Edel would be an awesome cosplay to see/do. XD And I couldn't remember that dress at first, but I just looked it up... Nice choice. @_@

On the subject of Autor, I know, right? X_X Heh, he became my favorite, for the reason I said at the beginning.

Shoot. Katsucon's too far away - I live on the west coast. X_X Lady Saru (she goes here as well) is actually considering a Tutu cosplay, and the two of us were discussing today how we'd love to put together a Princess Tutu gathering when we attend Fanime next May. Probably be fun. It'd be nice if it flushed out a few, you know, kindred spirits. XD
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