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I've already done a heavily modded Stargirl (ran out of time/money right before con), and I'd like to do her properly by next year. Already have done Black Canary, and plan on continuing to do her. Looove her. And to completely geek out, I'd also love to do a Goldstar/Michelle (Booster Gold's sister), but I'll probably have to put that off for a year or two.

Would like to do Cyclone (pre-hat) one year, but that's a wishlist kind of thing. Huntress would be another fun one, same as Batgirl (original and the current one with the crazy mouth thing).

Not this year, but the year after, I'm planning on both Jonah Hex (MAD love for Jonah, in my top 3 favorite DC characters ever), and J'onn crossplays. I'll probably end up doing Miss Martian that year just to use up the green paint. And the female Question, to reuse the trench I'll be getting for these cosplays (I prefer the male Question, but getting a blue suit in addition to the trench and the prosthetics and wigs I'll need will break my bank, heh).

...I like DC. I'm a comics girl, and I just can't connect to Marvel as well.
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