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First off, I think this thread is great. It really saves clutter and should be sticky-ed.

Now on the the dress. It should be okay with some altering. The pattern itself is very nice and is okay with lolita.

I think it might be a bit long, but that might just be the photo and my bad estimation skills. The lace is kind of strange and sort of looks cheap. I suggest getting rid of it and maybe putting a smaller (like 3/4 of an inch or smaller) black cluny lace in it's place.

The waist also seems a bit low, but that could be since I think the dress is really long. The lace on the collar, however just looks tacky IMO and shoud just be taken off completely if you don't alter the cut.

The collar is really oddly shaped. Is it triangular? I suggest getting rid of it all together and making the top square cut.

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