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There are a few other female characters, but not too many... ^^ *checks artbook*

There's the eye of Valmar. She's cute... but really little. And it'd be more effective to have her mom around too, since they're almost always together. I'd loooove to see someone do the Eye.

Oy! That pink-haired chick who's part of the band that Roan starts out with... the group who's all named after foods. I can't think of her name but she has a neat design and fun hair. I really like that design too. Paella is her name, I think?

There's also that whole group of other Granas priestesses with Elena in the beginning... if you have an Elena to cosplay with, they'd be really cute. There are five of them, and each is unique.

Has anyone played Grandia Xtreme? I just got a ps2 today.
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