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Originally Posted by velvet_eden View Post
ummm... i only do lolita hat's i think your referring to the wrong commissioner. I only have been in contact with others about Lolita hat's and i have never even heard of chibi -kun O_o i really don't want my great feedback to be affected by this but that really wasn't me. unless some one is using my name. T_T im hardly ever on here anymore ppl email me.

okay i figured out what is the problem here. i visited the link in your post that isnt my site. this is my site...

my email is
Velvet eden is just my username on here it's a J-rock band name. O_O i know this is weird but you really have me confused for someone else.
Velvet Eden Studios was the company/commissioning service she said she worked for when she took on my ill fated commission.
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