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Just an FYI,

If your looking into buying a new camera soon, I would wait until the day after Thanksgiving when the retailers sell everything for ridiculously cheap. Don't buy the ones you have to wait in line overnight for, they are always the cheapest models the store can buy and you'll be disappointed.

A few quick things to look for:

Megapixels: Look for at least a 7 or 8 Megapixel camera. If you can find something higher within your budget you should look into it.

Zoom: Only look at "optical" zoom. This is the actual zoom of the lens as opposed to the camera enlarging the image. You should look for at least 3-4x zoom, which should not be hard in your price range.

Brands: Look first at Canon and Nikon. Panasonic and Fuji should be next. Sony makes good cameras, but you'll be paying more for both the camera and the memory. Same with Olympus.

If you have any more questions PM me and I can answer any questions you might have directly.

Good luck with your search,

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