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I had a dream last year that was cosplay related cosplay (somewhat) only it was at school >.<. I was in my algebra class and I was talking to my friends. My other friend chris wouldn't stop poking me and I got really annoyed. I turned towards him so I could tell him to knock it off but then I got freaked out because he he was dessed up as Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya. Then I really got freaked out when I saw everybody else wearing the uniforms. I looked down at myself and I noticed that I was dressed as Haruhi. At was weirded out at first but then I yelled " Yes! I finaly finished my costume! XD!" But then I woke up and realized that I didn't finish it yet then I was mad.(I was working on that cosplay at the time)

But then there was one about me going to an anime convetion in cosplay. I was having a good time until I saw people from school there (Who're obviously not into anime) then they came up and started talking me and they didn't even know that it was me. I was really freaked out becuase I didn't want them to figure out that it was really me and then I saw the Host Club run by randomly.(it was very ackward) I had this dream very recently because there's been a few people(not anime fans) at school who have been asking me about anime cons latlly. In fact today this girl in my class started asking me about cosplay today (I didn't even think she even knew about cosplay 0_o; )
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