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Don't create a skit from tired internet memes. I don't care how funny they were, how much you liek Mudkips, etc. If I wanted to laugh at internet memes, I'd hang out on the internet instead of going to a masquerade. Last year's Masq at ACEN was 80% internet memes, and 15% caramelldansen. It got old. If you can't have a funny skit without using internet memes, reconsider entering the Masquerade. We'd appreciate some good comedy for once, not comedy by association.

Don't think for an instant that you're the first group to yaoi-ship Riku and Sora. The first Masquerade I went to, there were two skits that didn't involve yaoi jokes. I don't mind yaoi, but I hate the fact that people use it in place of good material. Squeeing fangirls do not mean you're a shoe-in for an award. It just means you're giving the rest of us headaches. I have yet to see a yuri skit, or even a skit that remained hetero. If you absolutely HAVE to be romantic about something, please consider carefully before shipping the same old tired pairs. If I see a Riku-Sora moment on stage again this year, I might have to vomit all over.

Its been said before but I don't think it can be said enough: Try to appeal to as much of the audience as you can. Just because there are people screaming over your Bleach/Naruto/Deathnote skit and your Yaoi, doesn't mean we're all enjoying it. Some of us might be secretly wishing it would start raining aspirin. Appealing to the audience doesn't mean copping out and doing the same old tired nonsense. Think of something funny and creative, that maybe introduces me to a series I had never considered before. I'll try to keep up, I promise.
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