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Originally Posted by ImNewHere View Post
I am wondering if the ones I have in my gallery are actually lolita or not, and if so what kind? As of right now I stick with calling them lolita inspired.
No offense, but I really wouldn't call your outfits lolita or even lolita inspired.

For one, it seems like your make-up is too heavy while lolita tends to have a more natural tone to it.
Also, please no cat ears. Generally speaking it is very costumey and isn't widely accepted as lolita. I wouldn't wear them until your coordination skills become better.
You need a petticoat. None of the skirts seem like they have the right shape. Remember, lolita is generally a bell shape.
In my opinion, the boots don't match with any of the outfits. But that's just my opinion. I also suggest waering knee socks or over the knee socks instead of the tights you are wearing.
The outfits themselves are very costumey. The red itself seems to have misplaced lace while the pink just seems like a dress with a japanese top and a skirt. The black also seems to have bad quality lace.

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