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Name of Commissioner: Nicole/Cutekawaii
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Felicia from Darkstalkers (cosplay only)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
What she has in her gallery:
What I recieved:
Sherry Cosplay first look (2 of 7) November 19, 2008.jpg

Sherry Cosplay first look (4 of 7) November 19, 2008.jpg

Sherry Cosplay first look (6 of 7) November 19, 2008.jpg

Sherry Cosplay first look (7 of 7) November 19, 2008.jpg

Timeline (how long your order took to process): It only took maybe a month or so not including the time that she told me she had a month long trip

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: She was pleasant, and responded in a reasonable time frame to all emails. She did inform me that she had a trip she was attending when I initially placed my commission with her but I said that was fine as my convention wasn't until January. There was some confusion over the date but that was partly my fault as well as on the ears. But I have to say....what is in her gallery and what I received are not the same. I can't bend my back or the tail will detach from the velcro on the nude bottom. As you can see, the nude fabric over the white under the back design doesn't stay in place so it looks a bit messy. When I opened the box, there were pins still in it! The slippers she chose to use for the feet were one size too big, and it was sewn partway then attached with velcro at the back (I'm not quite sure why) The only part of the cosplay that fit properly were the gloves, armband and choker. Some parts were made however to be attached in place by fashion tape so that is why the white parts on the legs and the V part on the belly (not shown) does not fit as well. There were finished seams but only in the armbands where the fabric ends met, the top, the bottom and the back part of the bottom paws (up the back and on the feet not including the velcro/sewn part) The rest was just (mostly) neatly cut into shape and sewn together. The wire came through the tail but that was not Nicole's fault, that most likely happened while the cosplay was on it's way here. I followed the measurement chart she gave me and double-checked all measurements before sending them to her. When she sent me the link to the picture in her gallery, I was so happy! I gave her so many compliments because I was thrilled but when I got it and tried it on it looked nothing like what it was shown to look on the gallery. I hope that she and I will be able to resolve this, because she is a good seamstress and I have seen other cosplays by her in person on other friends and they looked AMAZING! This is why I am withholding a grade for now because I feel that she is a good and honest commissioner who will honor her policy to remake anything that does not fit. I have asked for a remake instead of directly asking for a refund because I still wish to commission from her. She's a very sweet person and even sent me hard to find lyrics to a song I enjoy from a series we both like so I feel badly, but I'm still upset and have sent an email to her requesting a remake (preferably) or in case she is unable to remake, a refund. $180 is not a small amount to lose.
Edit: The costume has been fixed and received and is overall much better than the first go around. It still has flaws, but is otherwise wearable and in good shape. Pictures will be posted after the convention as I haven't had time to get any prior with my work and school schedule. I'm already in the process of commissioning another costume and since this was a new cosplay for her to try, I appreciate her effort and her willingness to do her best to fix it.
Comments: The cosplay looks good, but there are still flaws (bunching at the sides, bra on the outside which isn't too bad but it's an adjustment) and the tail is a bit stiff. But, she did work hard to fix it and get it back to me in time for the convention, so I would reccomend Nikki to you for cosplay needs ^_^
Final Grade: B+
Cosplays for Ohayocon 2010
Sindel from Mortal Kombat
Sally Jupiter from Watchmen
Pink from Dragon Pink
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