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Seeking Advice on New Camera

Hello everyone. I am in the market to try and upgrade to a somewhat better camera for the coming years. After a drop of my current digital camera at Youmacon 2008, the camera is now partially shot and hate bright light shots (IE won't take in bright light). Of course I was already looking to plan on getting a new one even before the con and had begun shopping around for ideas and prices.

My plan though is to go up into the SLR models as I want to expand on my photography. I defiantly want a semi-decent model if I can.

I'm looking for at minimum in the camera I want:

-6 MP minimum
-Various modes for adjusting for different situations (especially for 'sport'/moving shots, night shots and low light situations, since a lot of times I have to get shots in low light or dark spots. I occasionally like to also taken action shots)
-Stabilization balance (Steady shot -had to many shots jacked from folks bumping me just as I take that shot...><)
-Lithium Ion battery
-Decent internal memory would be nice, but if not, then something that uses a flash stick/card that easy to find (IE: SD cards or Memory Stick Duo's [like whats used by a PSP])
-Decent Optical Zoom (as many times have to take a shot of a photoshoot from distance and don't want it looking grainy)
-plans for future upgrade-ability or accessories like additional lenses or so on perhaps (A thought I may want to enter into on later)

I figure a minimum of $200 is what I will have to spend, though I figure I would seek the advice of fellow photographers on the SLR market and get your thoughts on what you might recommend as a starting out SLR model for someone looking to get more into a the serious aspect of photography. I would like to possibly eventually see about offering private photo shoot services and stuff at the cons I go to eventually, but want a better camera before I choose to do so...
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