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Name of Commissioner: BeutifullyC/ d q
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: The cape chain + brooch for Subaru (From Tsubasa RC)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): I made the order in early September, it never came.

Describe your Experience.
I made the order in September, requesting for the item to be done in what I remember was 3 weeks. Now I understand that it was a rather short time frame, and I'm located overseas, but I was willing to pay for whatever additional shipping there is. So I sent an email over to d q, asking her if it's possible to have it done and get it to me within my deadline, stating very clearly in my first email that I'm located in Singapore. She said yes, it's possible, quoted me a price which I thought was reasonable, asked for more picture references and I did that all. Email correspondence was quick (I practically get a reply every few hours), I made my payment with Paypal and that was it.

Here's when the horror started. She said she could give me a preview photo the Tuesday after that, so I waited. On Wednesday there was no reply, so I sent an email. The reply I've got came a few days later saying that her internet was bummed. I said, alright, but where are the preview pictures? Her internet being bummed shouldn't mean all battery operated electronic devices in her house were too, so there's no reason why there shouldn't be a photo.

And then she took another one week to reply, and that was when I filed a Paypal dispute. She got back to me half a day later (it's amazing how good her timing was, eh?) claiming that I shouldn't have done it since I'm located overseas and I didn't tell her (which I did in my very first email. The shipping address on my Paypal account states so too), and that she'd already mailed out the item.

But considering the date that she mailed it out to, it was one day AFTER the deadline that I've given her, so I went ahead with the Paypal thing anyway, and insisted on getting a refund. Paypal could only manage to give me a partial refund due to a lack of funds in her account. But fine, better than nothing, and while I wasn't very pleased, I could live with that. Left her a negative review on the Marketplace and went about with my life.

EXCEPT even until today, I'm still getting harassment emails from her etc etc. And that brooch she said she sent? It's almost December now and it's STILL NOT HERE. Even surface mail would have reached by now.

Final Grade: F- (if there's a grade lower than that, I'd give it.)
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