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Originally Posted by ~FatalDreams~ View Post
For some odd reason, the Emperor is tempting me to. But that won't be for a LONG while, like MAYBE 2010.
A looooong time indeed. I love Mateus the brat Emperor, I'm worried about his horns the most (running them into walls, or, actually his high heels...eeep...
Wearing them for a few minutes make my feet cry, but a whole con? I must admire those whom wear heels the whole con....

I see Cloud Strife is now a character.....funny, is he wearing Zacks 1rst class clothing?? Or is he wearing black, it's good to see they kept his old FFVII outfit, but changed the color to black/ or navy.

Tenucha, I wouldn't jump to those conclusions just yet, they are still adding more characters from the other games so you may be in luck, maybe even doing a Cloud?? Who knows.

Can;t wait to see everyone's costumes in the future.

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