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If you want compatibility with Memory Stick cards, you are forced to buy a Sony camera. The Memory Stick is a proprietary card for Sony products only. Sony cameras are definitely more expensive than other brands.

Image Stabilization/Vibration Reduction only attempts to stop camera blur resulting from non-steady hands. It cannot protect you from getting bumped. No technology will prevent blur from getting bumped.

Most entry-level DSLRs start at 6MP, so you have a good selection to choose from, if you forget about the Memory Stick requirement.

Most DSLRs have programmed modes for automatically helping you take a reasonable picture for portraits and landscape. You will need to read the camera manual on how to activate it. However, taking shots in low light and action shots requires a better understanding of picture-taking. A camera will not automatically make you good at that. If you want to do low-light and sports/action photography, it will get expensive as you will need higher-end cameras and lenses for some of those scenarios.

From your requirements, you are thinking in "point and shoot" terms. DSLRs aren't described in those terms, so you have to understand how DSLRs really work. For example, "Digital Optical Zoom" is a characteristic for point and shoot cameras. DSLRs use actual optical zoom in the form of the lens you buy for the camera.

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