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Ooh, nice thread idea ^^ I've been hoping to branch out into comic-related cosplay next year and DC characters are definitely up there in the options. I was thinking of doing the B:TAS version of Poison Ivy, but that'd require some knowledge of bodysuit and corsetwork to pull it off, I think.

A friend's planning to do the animated version of Blackfire, though if I wanted to be Starfire, I'd have to find purple pleather/vinyl someplace (and orangeish makeup since I'm pale and have no drive to tan XD). Though who I'm REALLY looking forward to possibly cosplaying in '09, if I can figure her out, is Flamebird. The only problems I could see are making the belt (Wonderflex?), cape, and doing boot covers. I'm hoping to do her George Perez design, since even though her later costume's cooler, the headpiece is baffling for me to figure out how to do.

And on that front, I'd like to do "Bat-Girl" (the original blonde one, same character basically as Flamebird), though the cape and belt once again are what I'd have to figure out, along with the mask.

Featherinmycap: Goldstar? AWESOME. I love cosplay of the more obscure characters ^^ Hopefully you'll be able to do that costume someday.
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