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Originally Posted by Kirotighta View Post
lol Bunny shaped pockets, now that would be something to see.
Angelic Pretty did a bunny pocket series a while ago ^_^

Also, as an example, here is one of my jsk skirts fully pulled up to the sides so that you can get an idea of how full a skirt needs to be in order to accommodate a petticoat:

With no petticoat

To show how full the skirt is

With a petticoat, and I'm wearing a shawl in this pic on top if you're confused

Originally Posted by Kirotighta View Post
I had a question about the possibility of using this as a winter item. Its supposedly called a capelet, though I don't think that's the real name.
The blouse could work, though, I can't really see it well enough to be able to see for sure. And yes, the real name for it is a capelet XD You can even look it up in the dictionary.

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