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Wonderful! I was so afraid that I was only supposed to wear blouses that go all the way up to my neck. That necklace in the picture is very special to me and I wear it almost every moment of my life, even in the shower, and I like to have it showing.

While we're on the subject of things you can wear "rather than," I was wondering - is there anything to wear other than knee-high stockings? I feel like they make my calfs look fat, lol. I've read before that it's okay to wear tights - is this true? and what about very fancy socks that go to about mid-calf? (I have a couple pairs that came from a victorian-themed magazine, it has a knitted ruffle topper on either sock.)

Thanks for showing how much fabric is needed! I sure hope I got enough... about how many feet/yards of fabric would you say that would take?
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