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Originally Posted by Kirotighta View Post
While we're on the subject of things you can wear "rather than," I was wondering - is there anything to wear other than knee-high stockings? I feel like they make my calfs look fat, lol. I've read before that it's okay to wear tights - is this true? and what about very fancy socks that go to about mid-calf? (I have a couple pairs that came from a victorian-themed magazine, it has a knitted ruffle topper on either sock.)
I have really huge calves so to balance the look and not wear tights, I wear over the knee socks. They tend to look nicer on more shapely legs anyway. Generally socks don't really go lower than knee socks, but as Meiki said there are ankle socks. However many people really don't like ankles socks, specially for their ties to a certain fetish.

As I have said before (in another of your posts), the amount of fabric you need for a skirt to fit a petticoat is about three times your waist. So let's say your waist is thirty inches, then you need around 2 and a half yards of fabric for the skirt.

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