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Name of Commissioner: Alicia Hollenbeck A.K.A lapixystix or tofudevil


Character commissioned and series: Izuna, Unemployed Ninja

Link(s) to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Will update if it ever shows up

Time line: - August 08- Currently. I needed it done for Otafest 09.. She said she would have it done by halloween...

Pros: None.

Cons: She "lost" contact with me too much... went about 21 days in btwn talking to me.... not impressed

Comments: I contacted Alicia through Alchemy on She assured me that she could make my costume in time for halloween, even though I don't need it until May 09. She was very nice in the begining and we talked every few days about how far my costume was done. Out of the blue, after she said she would finish crocheting it, she stopped replying to my emails. I waited 21 DAYS before receiveing any response from her... and I only got the response after I set up a Non-Delivery Report So she apologized and said she had "moved". She neglected to tell me this before... and she said that the new owner of her old house said that the package got returned for some stupid reason (?) and she was going to pick it up. I was still weary... but after she talked to me about 3 more times, I told Etsy that the problem was solved. She said she was going to email me when se sent the costume....

Now... I havent talked to her in 19 days. No costume. No contact. I even googled her to see if I could find other contact information

GRADE: F- ( unless one of these days I actually get the costume... which I doubt.... )

EDIT: I never did get the costume, but she was promptly kicked off of etsy. As horrible as it sounds, my parents tracked her down to where sheworked and emailed her boss explaining the situation. I'm pretty sure she got fired.

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