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Name of commissioner: sumirehana013 or purple doll

C-com gallery:

Character Commissioned: Ryomou from Ikkitousen and Bad Girl from No More Heroes (full costumes)

Links to pictures (I don't have the costumes yet, these are the progress shots from her):

timeline: April '08 to ???? still havn't been finished or shipped. They were supposed to be for a convention in JULY, then I asked if I could get them for a con in OCTOBER, still nothing

I placed an add on the marketplace back in April looking for someone to do several costumes for me. she seemed realy nice and her past work looked good. Her prices were reasonable and she USED to get back to me quickly whenever I had questions.

The progress shots she has don't look great, I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of the costumes, and that's just from the pictures. The fabric and cut of the garments doesn't look quite right and Bad Girl's costume is not as accurate as it should be. Pretty disappointed.

But the main reason I'm writing this review is because she has not contacted me in over a month and I keep trying to PM her to let me know what's going on but she's kinda disappeared. I see that she has had recent activity here but still doesn't reply to me. I paid her $220 up front that I don't think I'll ever see again.

She was great in the begining replying to me and working with my specifications, but now...

Final Grade: F (pending futher action on her part)

Future Costumes
Carmilla - Vampire Hunter D
Haydee - Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Barioth Blademaster - Monster Hunter
Lulu- FFX
Gwendolyn - Odin Sphere

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