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Name of Commissioner: Limebarb
Character commissioned and series: Penelo, FFXII: Revenant Wings
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Reference Image:
Only the pants, shoes, top, and gauntlet are by Limebarb. The wig and accessories are of my own creation.

Timeline: I ordered this in February or March 2008, when I started a weight-loss program because this costume was my gift to myself for my progress. I set my due date as September 10th. I finished paying for it in July 2008, because it was expensive enough for me to get a payment plan. I was originally planning to head into Chicago to get it fitting, but lack of funds/rehearsal schedules would not allow me to leave. So my September date passed... I sent her a new due date and she said it would be finished by that time. That date passed. I didn't receive my costume until the morning of Saturday of Youmacon 2008, which was November 1st 2008. So it took two months past my due date to receive this costume. Due to rehearsal schedules I had canceled my September con, but I was freaking out and worried that it would miss Youmacon, the con I'd set to debut it at nearly TWO MONTHS after my official due date that she said she could make.

Describe your Experience.
I ordered the deluxe version and it came out absolutely beautiful. The shoes were adorable. The pants were a great shape and I really appreciate the work that went into this. I really LOVE this costume.

Cons: I ordered the deluxe version and the embroidery I was expecting was not there, as well as the whole thing was too big even though I'd sent her my updated measurements in the beginning of July. My weight and measurements haven't changed since then, I can have my weight-clinic guarantee it. We had to pin the top all funny for it to even fit right instead of baggy. And we had to tape/glue the pants up because they were way too big. The cobblers glue on the shoes was peeling away. Also the flower/ribbon things on the pants were vinyl with ribbon sewn on. I expected at least 3D buttons or something since that's what the picture looks like. Also the details on the pants weren't nearly what a Deluxe version should entail. Also the top had a corseted back, but it was not functional. I would have appreciated that so I could make it smaller, like it should have been. Not only was the top too large, but the front of it was completely wrong. See this reference image, and then compare it to my cosplay photo. Yea... I sent her these images. This was not very deluxe for a deluxe version. It did not even match the references I'd sent her (I've also retained a copy of that email).

Comments: As a commissioner myself I can understand schedules going wonky, but when a customer finishes paying for something 3 months ahead of their due date, I usually get it to them with 2 months to spare. I know she had other things to do, but with all the people working there I don't understand why I had to wait two extra months for it. I also did not understand why my new measurements, which she confirmed that she had received, were not followed. Communication was okay. I expected to have slightly better communication than she did, especially since we're more than acquaintances. I'd expect someone I consider a friend to keep in touch with me a bit more when I'm paying her $500 for something. I did not even see progress pictures, I just received a finished project. Also, I'm in the process of losing more weight since I've decided to pursue film, so I probably won't be able to wear this costume ever again... I would NEVER rush a piece for a friend. I would make even more of an effort to uphold my reputation and I would certainly go the extra-mile.

Final Grade: B- (Beautiful costume but I don't think it was worth the $500 due to wrong sizing when correct measurements were sent and lack of communication, etc.)

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