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Name of Commissioner: The Hag/ Lani@The COS Brigade

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Cybil Bennett shoulder patches from Silent Hill

Links to picture(s):

Timeline: I signed the online contract on the 18th of November, and got the patches in the mail today (December 6th).

Experience: The commissioner was very polite and quick to respond. She was also very thorough and sent several messages making sure she had things like colors and dimensions right. The online contract I was sent covered it all, shipping time estimates, differences in my reference pictures and what she was able to do (it wasn't anything serious, just a slight difference in font) as well as a final check on the colors, text, and shape of the patch. She also let me know when the patches were finished and shipped, and I received them just a few days afterward.

The patches are WONDERFUL! They look very official and professional. I could not have expected anything better. The price was very reasonable, too.

Cons: None! I recommend her to everyone who needs embroidery patchwork done!

Final Grade: A+!

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