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I'd like to have a go at Princess Kraehe. It would be interestng to see if I could pull off this cosplay.
I love ballet and when I got to watch this anime I was pleasently surprised to find how it was done in such an artistic and beautiful way. I think this is my favourite anime now.

Anyway.. so because I am an artist and I love to paint and sculpt ballet dancers, I couldn't help buying some pointe shoes when I got the chance. Like method actors - I had to know what it was like to wear pointe shoes. So I tried them on! Then temptation to try en pointe was just too much to resist (I know - Naughty me!) But I was gobsmaked to find myself standing there en pointe! is this possible!?
I keep reading that it is dangerous if you are not a trained dancer. And especially if you are a guy. What is the danger exactly.. slipping over, sickling and breaking an ankle, compression fracture of a metatarsel? The design of the pointe shoe seems to support the whole foot so that the weight is not all going through the toes, and actaully I feel quite steady on them now. But I am still expecting to be told off. ^^
So yeah, what exactly is the danger?
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