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PSE Solid 3 Pinup
Paypal fails me on placing exact dates, but it was no more than 8 weeks
Pros: Amazing quality, as always. I don't think I will ever stop being impressed by the quality of materials they use. This time I was actually a little worried, since this seller has a history (in other reviews) of using fabric in places where fabric is not appropriate, but I was pleasantly surprised. Actual painted metal rivets and trim that seemingly some kind of pleather-covered foam. Whatever it is, it's perfect, and it is very clear a lot of effort went into the final product.
I was stunned by the zipper down the front and the cut of the sleeves and shorts; they're just perfect. The figure manufacturer themselves couldn't have done better.
And the headpiece...hat...thing? I hadn't even realized that was going to be included. I had resigned myself to molding it out of foam somehow, but since they made it, it is a perfect match to the material of the rest of the costume, perfectly proportioned (which is quite a feat) and even has the smallest details of the strange seam design that goes along the inside. You can't see it in the pictures I listed, but it really is a tiny, meticulous detail, could not have been ease to do, and one I was intending to leave out when I thought I was going to be the one making it. I am ridiculously thrilled that they went that extra length to make something so unusual to such a professional degree.
Cons: There were a few catches this time that I haven't had with this seller in the past. My inability to measure myself appropriately makes the sleeves fit a little odd, the shorts a little tight and the dress a little large, but fit is always a gamble when you can't be present for an actual tailoring.
The white undershirt part, however, was strangely dirty, straight out of the packaging. It's not too obvious and entirely covered by the dress, thankfully, but I'm not sure where it could've come from; dirty streaks of some kind, looks like. The symbol on the chest was missing completely (in the second picture I listed, I've since painted it on) and the socks are inaccurate; not the correct length or color.
Comments: While I don't really like corners being cut, and I don't understand why the commissioner chose to leave out what they did since I am 99% certain it is within their capabilities and I did not ask for a lower price, I am still very pleased with the final product. I would rather have inaccurate socks and a missing symbol, two things very easy and fast to rectify, than to have had to assemble that strange head accessory myself, or suffer some other, more crippling shortcut that might've been taken by another commissioner. Also, it's quite possible that the whole lot of what was skipped might've been included for me, had I been clearer about what I wished to be included in the price. Live and learn!
Final Grade: A-
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