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I was lurking the forums when I ran into this epic thread. Thank you for making this even though it might hurt some peoples feelings. It's tough love people.

Anyway I've seen a few masquerades and the following annoyed me:

-Haruhi Dance
-Lucky Star Dance
-"Baby Got Back"
-"Bye Bye Bye" Dance
-Numa Numa Dance

There's more but you see a pattern here? I'm sooooo tired of hearing the same freaking music/dance at every single con. I know you're thinking "well everyone knows this song!" and thats the problem. IT GETS TIRING WHEN IT'S CONSTANTLY OVERUSED.

I feel the need to express this again even though it's been mentioned several times.

Masquerades = Great Cosplay! It's not all about skits you know. As the audience we want to see some great cosplay along with bringing out the characters personality. I remember seeing some big chick dressed as a really REALLY bad Ryuk (Death Note) and just wore black pants and shirt with a chain wallet along with some face paint bouncing around the stage very out of character. This, my friends, made the whole audience FACEPALM. It was so embarassing...

For god's sake put some effort into your costumes.
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