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Originally Posted by AstaChan View Post
Oh thanks god you bumped this thread. lol *doesn't wanna feel like spamming* My Japan is done <333333
Now I'm starting on UK!! This series Need more Cosplayers <3333333333
Whoa! Your Japan costume is fantastic! Did you use a real sword? I can't wait to see more pictures of it if you plan on taking 'em, and I look forward to seeing your other Hetalia costumes, too.

I think it would be great if we used this thread to collect patterns for various characters, too, because I remember you commenting that you weren't sure what patterns you should modify for U.K. Have you found something yet? I will most definitely link back to a pattern if I find one while I hunt down everything I need for Prussia. I had to bump this thread because I am really excited about cosplaying as Prussia! He's one of my favorites, and watching a German documentary about Prussia and Friedrich Wilhelm III while searching for reference images of his uniform made me want to cosplay as him even more, they have really nice uniforms. *w*
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