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1) What Machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please!

I own a Brother CE4000

2) when did you purchase it/how old is it?

It is only about 5 months old (I got it after my 1969 Brother finally decided to RIP)

3) How much sewing experience do you have? (how long sewing, how advanced your projects are)

I've been sewing on and off for about 3 years, but I started really getting into it with the purchase of my new machine, and have now gotten to the point that I go for advanced projects, such as Restoraction Era clothing, corsets, frilly dog dresses, lolita gear, etc.

4) what do you like most about the machine?

It does everything pretty much on its own. No maintenance, no bobbin tension adjustment, many stitches are preprogrammed that are necessary in advanced clothing construction (overcasts, buttonholes, zipper, stretch material specialty, etc), extra presser feet were provided, which I use often (overcast, buttonhole, button placement, zipper, quilting, etc), ... I could go on and on

5) what do you not like?

Nothing has happened to make me not like my machine, but I do have one worry in particular: the fact that it does everything on it's own with no maintenance except some air presser cleaning and brushing makes me nervous. It seems like if something does go wrong, it would be harder to access and assess the problem.

6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer?

Indeed, as it can be used for basic, intermediate, and advanced projects. It even has stitches close to the quality of a Serger, while still including basic and decorative ones. Also, everything is digitally adjustable in length and width with the press of a button. It really is a cynch to set up, get going, and take care of, and the booklet is very useful for eveything from first time use to the advanced techniques such as shirring, installing buttons and buttonholes, and installing tricky zippers. It has simple error messages in case a problem does happen, and has a detailed explanation of each in the booklet. All in all, it's really worth the price. While it retails between $200 and $300, I got mine at for $103 all-told, including shipping and handling, and a 2 year guarantee. Here's the link:

** I just noticed on the site that the CE5000 is the same price as of right now (probably a special sale). It seems as if it has a few more stitches (mine has 40, this has 50), bu that's it. Still, it's another 10 stitches for the same price**
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