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didn't know if there was something around for this purpose but now there is
There wasn't. You weren't out of line, it just seems to make more sense to have a central thread. Also, your links indeed aren't working, so...yeah

Suggestions, comments? Or perhaps should I just quit trying so much XD. Thanks!
Is this aided or natural? If it's natural, I think with a wig and a bit of make up you'll do alright. If you are actually doing a little bit of work, well, I'd say a wig is a must anyway (the way hair frames a face can do dramatic things to appearance), and you might want to use more eyeliner, foundation, and possibly mascara if you aren't, and I don't think I saw lipstick, so that would probably help, as well as lip gloss.

If you are a natural female, then you pass very well as a guy and I hope that's not insulting, lol.
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