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1) What Machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please! Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118
2) when did you purchase it/how old is it? I got it about three months ago
3) How much sewing experience do you have? (how long sewing, how advanced your projects are) I've been sewing for about six years now, but I'm only just starting to make things that aren't super-simple. I don't know.
4) what do you like most about the machine? I LOVE that it's powerful. It eats through four layers of denim like the fabric isn't even there. Yet, at the same time, it's really quiet. It feels very sturdy, which is nice. The guide that comes with it is also easy-to-follow.
5) what do you not like? Nothing
6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer? Definitely.
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